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Ancient Religion

  1. The world has decidedly gone bonkers. ‘Bring out your dead,’ was the call of folk who without face masks and gloves sought to collect and bury the deceased.That was many years ago, but we it seems have gone before the need for wheelbarrows.But here we are in a similar situation, but we have many years of experience of education and technology behind us.The Japanese have always had a monopoly of face masks, but little it seems to have been availed n their lands.The only defense it seems is our antibodies.Nature isn’t as powerful as nuclear bombs, and there is nothing in our books or our scientists that can deliver up a solution to virus attacks.It was no wonder that the Germans released mustard gas over the fields of western Europe.Mustard perhaps is the most unreliable or unpredictable of all gases, for surely we have it on our toast and pork every day.But in modern times, it sems we are as weak as those who felt the plagues of humanity many years before.We can only hope that there are moral and diligent scientists who seek to being the pandemic is over and we can resume some normal type of life.


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