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Near to the end of the year.  What have we learned?  That everybody lies and everybody dies.  Why this finality and permanent immorality?  If we have been shaped in God’s image must we all be saints and eat lovely non-gluten bread and strong wine?  I'm not sure how religion impacts our lives on a day to day basis, but I'm fairly sure he is a better guide to life than Piers Morgan.

Now we have a King.  Does coronation chicken change its recipe?  Will there be more 21 gun salutes? I don’t know how the past manifests itself in the future.  Presumably people learn and then thrive.  As long as we don’t kill each other along the way.  What is the future of war?  I’m so glad there have been no nuclear bombs dropped.  The people at the top must still have a degree of sanity.  Even bear-wrestling mega man Putin.  People do care though.  My church has always been praying for Ukraine, and those people who have suffered and are under the thumb.  And that is Anglicanism for you.  Henry the Eighth may have transformed the country and killed and desecrated a lot of pious people, but in the end it works out okay.  Let us all hope that this transfers itself over to many other areas of life.

I am apparently in line for a booster shot for Coronavirus. The fact that there are scientists working for us all, in what seems like a comprehensive search for the eradication of every disease is very reassuring.  I made up a lot of news in the past – possibly because I never read newspapers any more and just read LadBible – may mean I concentrate more on what I see on the telly and presume it has more bearing on the world than i could make up.  The News can mean many things.  People can read into it what they want.  But in the end there are indisputable facts that mean more than satire or fiction.  Time marches on and ever faster as you age.  Even though an old fogey like myself has done most things which mean I experience life at an ever-increasing rate, there are things that make you pause and consider; reflect.  I do like a night time walk and a seat next to a building’s green wall.  There is a sign next to a pub that was demolished years ago now, saying beware of a moving plant.  Must we all beware of it, in a state of renewal and neglect?  Somebody will build on it again, maybe construct another – better – pub.  This hope and expectancy of the future I think helps us.  The monarchy will persist.  Things will remain, things will change.

So many people care deeply about the monarchy maybe it will be alright now King Charles III is in charge.  There will always be scepticism.  Always a sense of uncertainty.  But that is the future, that is the present.  Always a need to be comfortable in uncertainty.

What if Ukraine actually won the war?  What a turn around that would be.  They are already seen as heroes.  I would love them to prevail.  For the might of Russia to be curtailed.  Russia’s push is clearly a move against the innocent.  And now they even want to bring up their ex-top level boxers to fight for them.  But fists, wicked ones, will always be seen as wrong, even if the soldiers who fight are not to blame. 

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