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I should make up my own news.  That way it'll be topical to me and you regardless of when I wrote it or when you read it.

People died.  People were born.  There was probably one day recently when a fascist dictator did something terribly nasty, which people must have thought was both terrible and nasty.

Weather occurred: that one happens a lot, at least after the news anyway.


I think if you like reality television. there's probably something you could do instead, like create your own reality, or possibly virtual reality.  You could learn how to paint or knit or how a telly works.  This might never prove valuable and if you value your time next to the water cooler chatting shit, then the Kardashians is a better option.  People talk about quality of life and leading a fulfilled one and maybe in there lies a recipe for happiness.  But probably not.


Does learning about the news therefore help?  Should we have a poll or a game show that educates anyone to the point of complete mental collapse?

There are storms around, ones which may even inspire George RR Martin, or possibly a painter or two.  Which makes me think, out of anything (bad or good) something bad or good could come out of it.  Again this solves no ones problems, and indeed creates entirely new ones.  But isn't that what is great about humanity? Growth?  Creativity?


So we should mirror that surely in our media.  Not just one more coronavirus.  Journalism has experienced a lot over the years.  History repeats itself which in some circles might mean the Sun is again a popular newspaper and that the renaissance and possibly feudalism might recur too.

Of course the newspapers are not fictional, but what if there was a small section in there that changes the trope a little The letters to the editor are never social commentary more than just a way to get a free voucher or your name in print.  I miss Jeremy Clarkson's rants.  And although Liverpool running away with the Premiership is wonderful, should we force it into everyone's faces day after day?  Who are these editors anyway?  They have far too much power. There could be secrets untold and important facts gone missing.

And that's my news for today.

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