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Recently my local county council has decided to go massively in debt in order to dig up some roads, inconvenience people, replace them and then go through the same process a few times, just to make sure everything’s all squared away. Many new flats have also been and are still being built, in the name of progress, capitalism and brexit. People still need places to live. But some of these buildings are a little shoddy – the other day a police cordon had to be established around a certain building because bits were falling off it and constituted a threat to public safety. Houses have been knocked down in order to make way for these deadly buildings, and some have been knocked down only to stay knocked down a while longer: causing empty plots of land, where only rats might want to live. Not even room for tents or gypsies I’m thinking. Expensive paving stones too are the order of the day. They are useless in terms of walking ability – I don’t think my shoes are happier nor my pace quickened or enlivened by the presence of these stones. Now thank goodness the end of the road has nearly been replaced. But unfortunately owning to negligence, good nature craic or simply accident, they have buried a traffic cone under the tarmac in the pavement (see pic above). I hope it doesn’t constitute a threat to walkers. Otherwise they’ll have to dig it up again.

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