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Do people watch gameshows to feel clever? Do they want to learn from them? Most people who watch these daytime shows are elderly, retired, or unemployed, folk who might just forget it straight away anyway. Even if they were watched by rocket scientists they might only know the rocket questions anyway. I do like the idea of winning money, and have recently been winning a little of the old gambling cash. But I wonder how many of the prizes – especially on family fortunes are hawked off, given away or just binned. On Bullseye especially what did they all do with the reams of caravans and speedboats that they show to the contestants after they lose?

I think - just to prove them worthy – major world leaders ought to be forced on to shows of weakest link or countdown, either before election or during their term. That way we might know something more about them, and better judge them as candidates. Also re-doing ‘The Running Man’ might teach us and them a thing or two. I do like watching people lose or win, but perhaps its easier and more enjoyable than watching parliament and then voting, or following elections.

They say its easier watching things than doing it. If the same was true for everything we would never do anything. Hopefully the future won’t be all about people endlessly watching things and making robots do everything for them.

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