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Christmas Markets

What has happened to the Christmas Markets? Around here anyway: someone has told them not to arrive. Have they got lost on the M25? Has Boris Johnson decided they are not politically stable?

I looked up local markets in Surrey. I got nonsense websites about markets in 2017 or hosted in Manors in the middle of nowhere. When I visited my local town centre, there’s only about ten stalls. Is Amazon really taking over the world? Is it sheer laziness that drives us to shop from our settees? I personally have more fun shopping outside, especially with a glass of mulled wine.

Some people hate commercialism especially around Christmas (if they are grouches anyway) but it seems in terms of markets they are winning. I personally love it. Why not celebrate – even if it costs money (most fun things do…)

I hope festivals won’t die out – Santa I hope is immortal, and so too Jesus and all the rest. Let us buy, have choice, free will and happily ever after.

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